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Welcome to the careers page for Mass Young Gunners! We're excited to offer a range of opportunities for passionate individuals who want to contribute to our club's success and help develop the next generation of soccer players.

Current Openings

Director of Operations

Responsibilities: Register teams, communicate with parents, organize rosters, schedule fields and games, recruit players and coaches, oversee indoor soccer activities, manage club operations.

Qualifications: Strong organizational skills, excellent communication, experience in youth soccer management, proficiency in email and scheduling software.

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Head Coach

Responsibilities: Develop and implement training programs, lead team practices and games, mentor and develop players, coordinate with Director of Operations on team needs.

Qualifications: Coaching certification, experience in coaching youth soccer, strong leadership skills, passion for player development.

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Assistant Coach

Responsibilities: Support head coach in training sessions and games, assist with player development, help organize team events.

Qualifications: Coaching experience or certification preferred, ability to work well with children, strong communication skills.

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Team Manager

Responsibilities: Handle administrative tasks for the team, coordinate travel and logistics, communicate with parents and players, assist coaches as needed.

Qualifications: Strong organizational and communication skills, ability to manage multiple tasks, experience in team management is a plus.

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Volunteer Coordinator

Responsibilities: Recruit and manage volunteers for club events, organize volunteer schedules, ensure volunteers are trained and supported.

Qualifications: Excellent organizational and people skills, experience in volunteer management, ability to motivate and lead a team.

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Marketing and Communications Manager

Responsibilities: Develop and execute marketing strategies, manage social media accounts, create promotional materials, oversee club communications.

Qualifications: Experience in marketing and communications, strong writing and editing skills, proficiency in social media management.

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Finance Manager

Responsibilities: Oversee club finances, manage budgets, handle fee collection and payments, prepare financial reports.

Qualifications: Experience in finance or accounting, strong organizational skills, proficiency in financial software.

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Equipment Manager

Responsibilities: Manage inventory of club equipment, order and distribute uniforms and gear, ensure all equipment is maintained and available for practices and games.

Qualifications: Strong organizational skills, ability to manage inventory, experience in equipment management is a plus.

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Fundraising Coordinator

Responsibilities: Plan and execute fundraising events, seek sponsorships and donations, coordinate with volunteers to support fundraising efforts.

Qualifications: Experience in fundraising or event planning, strong communication and organizational skills, ability to build relationships with sponsors and donors.

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Youth Development Coordinator

Responsibilities: Develop programs for younger age groups, coordinate with schools and community organizations, ensure alignment with club’s development philosophy.

Qualifications: Experience in youth sports development, strong organizational skills, ability to work with children and parents.

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Event Coordinator

Responsibilities: Plan and organize club events such as tournaments, banquets, and camps, handle event logistics, ensure events run smoothly.

Qualifications: Experience in event planning, strong organizational and multitasking skills, ability to work under pressure.

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Volunteer Coach

Responsibilities: Assist with coaching duties as needed, provide support during practices and games, help with player development.

Qualifications: Passion for soccer, ability to work with children, coaching experience is a plus but not required.

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Administrative Assistant

Responsibilities: Provide administrative support to the Director of Operations and other staff, handle club communications, manage schedules and appointments.

Qualifications: Strong organizational and communication skills, proficiency in office software, experience in administrative roles.

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Player Development Coach

Responsibilities: Focus on individual player development, create personalized training programs, provide one-on-one coaching sessions.

Qualifications: Experience in coaching and player development, strong knowledge of soccer techniques and strategies, ability to work with players of all skill levels.

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How to Apply:

To apply for any of the above positions, please submit your resume and cover letter to Be sure to include the position you are applying for in the subject line.

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